Monday and Tuesday

The page to sign-up for final presentation times is now available. Please reserve a time asap!

Please be sure to choose a time that ALL of your team members will be there.

Here are electronic versions of the self-evaluation of your research presentation and Peer-assessment of team collaboration which we handed out at the final presentation. Please complete these and turn them in to me in my office or during Seminar this week.

Wednesday and Thursday

Seminar WILL meet in our regular classroom this Wed/Thurs for a Biology Review!

Please bring your biology notes, homework, book/e-text, and whatever else you think might be helpful for your review.

Each team should prepare 10-15 questions to use during today's class.!!!

It's time for Biology Quiz Bowl!

The final Reflective Portfolio is due by Thursday, December 1st on BlackBoard under the Reflective Assignments tab. Any questions?