Monday and Tuesday

Today you should come to class prepared to explain the detailed scientific mechanism which will be the focus of your final presentation. Feel free to bring diagrams, notes, or anything else which will help with your description.

Scientific Poster Guidelines

Wednesday and Thursday

Let's review for your chemistry exam!

Bring your notes, books, homework problems, calcuators, and anything else which will help you review for your third Chemistry exam!!

During Seminar we will be working the homework questions at the end of your chemistry chapters (for Dr. Silliman's classes) or from Dr. Billiot's Sample Exam questions posted on the front page of Owl.

Dr. Billiot's classes: Please sign up for a section from the Owl homework on the Billiot Chem Exam 3 F08 site. Each group will be responsible for showing the class how to work Sample Exam/Review questions relating to those sections! Each group member must present at least one question. Please remember to bring your Chemistry books, homework, etc. with you to class on Wednesday!

Dr. Silliman's classes: Please choose a topic which has been covered in chemistry since the last exam. Choose one question from the homework questions in the text or write your own questions similar to what Dr. Silliman has asked in class regarding this topic. Please make your questions multiple choice!

You are responsible for attaching the question under the appropriate section on this page. Please also attach a thorough explanation of how to work this problem. Each student is required to submit one question and answer for credit. You may submit two questions and answers from different topics for a 5 points of extra credit each (10 pts maximum)

Silliman Chem Exam 3 Review F08