Monday and Tuesday

Here are your Seminar grades as of Monday and Tuesday. We still have 35% of your points to earn for the semester, so don't fall behind!

Today you should come to class prepared to give your oral/poster presentations to your class. Please bring your boards as complete as possible (use push-pins to attach panels--nothing glued on)! We will all listen to each other's 7-9 minute presentations and give helpful feedback. Please follow the basic guidelines for a Scientific Poster.

Here is the Rubric for your Rubric for the Final Group Poster Presentation

Remember, Fall 2008 Portfolio 3 is due Friday, December 5th by 1pm. Please ask NOW if you have any questions!

Before you leave today, your group should sign-up for a Conference session on Dec 1, 2 or 3 when your presentations will be officially graded as well as a time to present at Celebration Day on Dec. 4th.

Wednesday and Thursday

Our Seminar class will not meet on Wednesday or Thursday this week. Everyone should participate in the Thanksgiving Online Assignment

(We have already had 10 Attendance and Participation assignments, so this one will count as the 11th assignment worth up to 10 points of 'extra' credit.)