For Science and Tech majors only!! Here is the info provided by your academic advisers about registration for Spring 2009. Please make plans to attend sometime this week!

Monday and Tuesday Oct 20-21

Sections 832 and 834 (Dr. Billiot's chemistry classes) will meet in the library instructional room 109 during Seminar on Monday or Tuesday! Please come directly to the library at your usual seminar time. Please come prepared with scientific names and search terms for your group research topics! The reference librarians will give you a brief overview of library resources and help you to access the thousands of scientific journal articles we have available through electronic databases.

All other sections will meet for seminar in our usual classrooms. Please bring your biology notes, slides, and books with you to seminar both days this week! (Not everyone will need a separate book, but you will want at least one per group, so make a deal with your friends to make sure we have enough to go around!)

Always bring your exams with you to the next seminar class! On Monday and Tuesday of this week we will debrief Dr. Silliman's second Chemistry exam!

What is your preferred Learning Style?

Biology Exam 2 Review F08

Fall 2008 Portfolio 2 is due Thursday, October 30th! Please place a link to your portfolio on my wiki site by Thursday evening.

Would you like me to write you a recommendation letter for the honors program?

Monday and Tuesday of next week, Seminar will NOT meet! Instead, your research group must sign-up for a time to meet with Ms. Johnson and me in the first floor conference room of the Faculty Center. Oct 27 and 28 research conferences