Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement is a guiding document that guides your life. In it you will describe your goals in various aspects of your life. A personal mission statement helps you to clarify your values and goals, use your strengths and keep on track. You should rewrite the mission statement any time that your life seems to lack direction. If you have ever written one before then feel free to update it.

Before you start writing, you should reflect on the following ideas:

  • What is my guiding statement?
  • What drives me in my life?
    • Money, power, fame, adding to knowledge, inventing something, helping others, having children....
  • What you want to achieve before you die?
  • Do I want a family?
  • What kind of father/mother/husband/wife do I wish to be?
  • What career do I want?
  • What degrees and training do I need to achieve my professional goals?
  • How do I wish to treat others in my life?
  • What is my daily mission?

For this assignment reflect on at least these three sections at length.

  • What are my personal life goals?
  • What are my professional goals?
  • What are my goals for this semester and/or the rest of college?
  • Other section if you wish such as daily goals, spiritual goals, health and wellness goals.

You will create a mission statement for each one and then describe how you will get there. Reflect on the steps needed to achieve this mission.

At the end describe your overall mission statement.

For example: My personal mission is have a family and provide a warm loving home for my children someday.

What you need to do: The mission statement should be 2 double spaced pages minimum (I prefer Times New Roman, 12 pt font)! When: Email me your final Word document before 5pm on Thursday, February 19th.

Why: To ensure your success in college by developing your metacognitive abilities through reflective writing. 20% of your seminar grade depends upon it! If you are wondering where this fits in our class, look back at the course objectives on the syllabus!

  • Foster critical thinking through analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating knowledge gained through research and reading and through personal experiences.
  • Clarify personal values, goals and strengths in the context of a shared cultural environment and develop skills necessary to be active, responsible citizens.

Audience- for this piece of writing the audience is your seminar instructor, a mentor, parent, spiritual leader, or other older adult that you respect.

Purpose- the purpose of this writing is to write your personal mission in life, fully describe it in detail, and explain how you will achieve your mission.

Tone- This writing will be personal and reflective in tone.

It should reflect your best college level writing. It should be very clear and concise with fully developed ideas. This is a profound piece of writing and it will be clear if you do not give it adequate thought.

"I just want to be happy and live life to the fullest" will earn an F.

There are many resources available on the web to help you with ideas for this assignment.

I will be grading this assignment in 5 point increments, so you will earn a 100, 95, 90, 85, 80, 75, 70, 65, 60 etc... Be sure your work is well organized and well developed. Writing should be clear, concise, free of grammar or spelling errors, and have a title and your name at the top. Please also include a unique ID number only you will recognize (do not use any portion of your SSN or Banner ID) that I can use to post your grades on the web!

Good luck and have fun! Email me or see me during office hours if you have ANY questions!