Expectations for your Interdisciplinary Research Proposal

(adapted from McMillan's Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences)

Your Proposal will be evaluated for each of the following criteria:

Begin with a specific, informative title.

Introduce the broad topic area and summarize relevant research.

Explain the research question or aims of your study.

Justify the value of your study.

Describe the methods your experiment will use (include references to previous articles which have employed these techniques).

Include a detailed experimental design with sampling plans, maps showing locations, and schematic diagrams to visually clarify complex set-ups.

Include data collected during pilot study or preliminary trials.

Explains any conclusions drawn from your pilot study or changes to your experimental design based on these preliminary results.

Propose appropriate statistical measures to analyze and interpret your data (and explain what can be learned through this type of analysis).

Discuss potential biological interpretations of different possible outcomes.

Include a budget, and explain how any required materials will be obtained.

An EXTENSIVE reference list in APA format should be included along with in-text citations throughout.

Please refer to the grading rubric here or on BlackBoard for more details.

Here is a guide to help you understand some of the required components.

Each group will present this proposal as a PPT during class. Remember, this is a MAJOR component of your grade in Seminar.