Group Work Contract

(prepared by Dr. Frances Johnson)

In your Seminar class, you will be establishing research teams to work through your research projects for the semester. In order to facilitate your group's success, each team will compose a contract that will guide you through the researching, writing, and presenting process.

Nuts and Bolts

Each group will write a comprehensive agreement providing guidelines governing the working arrangements of the team. Length and format are dependent upon the needs of the team. Signed contracts will be submitted via BlackBoard.

All contracts must include team goals and expectations for team members!!

Some issues to consider:

  1. If there is an issue of non-participation, how will it be handled?
  2. If a member leaves, who will have access to any research/writings done up to the point of departure?
  3. Assignment of duties?
  4. Does "equal time spend" always mean equal work?
  5. Instructor contact person?
  6. Is the document in memo format?
  7. Meeting times?
  8. Suggestions for encouraging compliance with contract?


Evaluation is based on completeness and depth of details in agreement. Please read the rubric below to ensure you have included everything necessary!

Rubric to use to gauge completeness and depth