Major Assignments

This semester, you will complete two major reflective assignments (individually) for Seminar. Both will be submitted via BlackBoard as Microsoft Word documents.

1) Each student will create and submit a curriculum vita and cover letter by Friday, March 2nd. CV and Cover Letter

2) You will also complete a final reflective portfolio using pictures and words to prove to me that your knowledge of scientific research has improved this semester. The Final Reflective Assignment Spring 2018 is due on BlackBoard by the end of the day on Friday, April 27th.

Each research team will also work together to design and conduct and original, observational research experiment as part of your Interdisciplinary Research Experience Spring 2018.

Class Plans

Week of January 15

Week of January 22

Week of January 29 Team contracts due by Friday, Feb 2nd;

Week of February 5 Research ideas ppt during class this week!

Week of February 12 Biology Exam 1 Friday, Feb 16

Week of February 19 Chem Exam 1 Feb 22nd ; Annotated bib due on BlackBoard by Feb 26th!

Week of February 26 CV and Cover letter are due by Friday, Mar 2nd

Week of March 5 Proposal outline (ppt) with pilot study and prelim data due this week!

Enjoy your Spring Break!!!

Week of March 19 Biol Exam 2 March 23th
Applications for the Research Conference are due by NOON on Friday, March 23

Week of March 26 Chem Exam 2, Thurs Mar 29th

Week of April 2 Research Proposal (ppt) is due this week

Week of April 9

Week of April 16 Final Research Presentations this Mon/Tues!!! Biol Exam 3 April 20th

Week of April 23 Chem Exam 3 Thurs Apr 26; First-Year Research Conference is Thursday, April 26th; Final Reflective Assignment is due by Friday, April 27th

Week of Apr 30-May 2

Final Exams May 4-10