Monday and Tuesday

Brainstorm Biology exam questions

Discussion about Academic Portfolio and Research Projects. Major Assignments

Choose chem review topics

Your first Chemistry Exam is this Friday!! During Seminar on Wed/Thurs we will be doing a Chemistry Review. Dr. Owens has provided you with online homework through Connect, LearnSmart, and ALEKS, a textbook with practice problems at the end of the chapter, and example problems in class. The exam questions will look a lot like these!

Homework- Chemistry exam THIS Friday! Work with your research team to create a 5 minute review for the class. You may choose any topic you think will be on the exam, but please coordinate with your classmates to avoid choosing the same topics. You need to prepare at least 2 practice questions, and be sure you are able to explain how to answer them! Upload your materials to the BlackBoard Discussion before you come to Seminar on Wed/Thurs.

Wednesday and Thursday

Chemistry Exam 1 Review