We will meet in our regular classroom today and everyday until further notice!

  • Share with the class the biggest challenge you have overcome so far since classes began.

Wiki Day Fall 08

Discussion Topics Fall 08


Fall 2008 Portfolio 1

Chem Exam 1 Review F08

For Seminar on Wed/Thurs:

If you have Dr. Silliman for Chemistry, your first exam is this Thursday! So, we will be doing a Chem review in Seminar on Wednesday/Thursday. Bring your Chemistry books, notes and homework problems with you to Seminar.

Homework- Dr. Silliman's first chemistry test is on Thursday! Write one exam question similar to what you expect Dr. Silliman to ask on your first Chemistry exam. You will turn this in (for a participation grade) at the beginning of Seminar on Wed/Thurs!

MW 2:30 and TR 11am Seminar classes (if you have Dr. Billiot for Chemistry--this is you!) please bring your laptops with you to seminar on Wednesday or Thursday! (FYI- the chemistry homework above does not apply to you! We will have a chemistry review before your first chemistry exam in two weeks.)

Public Service Announcements Sept 15 through 18