Monday and Tuesday

Question Party

Your first Chemistry Exam is this Tuesday!! During Seminar on Mon/Tues we will have a Question Party. Dr. Billiot has provided you with online homework through Connect, LearnSmart, and ALEKS, extra practice problems uploaded to BlackBoard, a textbook with practice problems at the end of the chapter, and example problems in class. The exam questions will look a lot like these!

Work with your research team to compile 5-10 questions covering different concepts likely to be asked from your chosen chapter. Please coordinate with your classmates to avoid choosing the same concepts! Bring these questions with you to Seminar on Mon/Tues ready to use them to challenge your class. Please also upload your questions to the BlackBoard discussion so all of my classes can have extra practice, and remember to include your Chapter/topics in the title/text of your post!

Wednesday and Thursday

Chemistry Exam 1 debrief

Overview of Major Assignments

Time Management