Monday and Tuesday

Fall 2008 Portfolio 1 is due this Tuesday! Please place your portfolio in my crate in FC 253 by 5pm on Tuesday, September 30th.

Everyone should have completed their StrengthsQuest survey. We will discuss the results in Seminar this week. Please bring the report with paragraph or page-long descriptions of each of your top 5 strengths with you to seminar on Monday or Tuesday. SQ day 1 Fall 08

Paper 1 submission

On Monday and Tuesday this week, we will also debrief your Biology Exams. Please remember to bring your first exam with to you Seminar!

Wednesday and Thursday

Dr. Billiot's chemistry exam is this Friday! If you are in Dr. Billiot's chemistry class, please bring your chemistry books, notes and homework questions with you to Seminar on Wed or Thurs.

For homework, please write one MULTIPLE CHOICE question similar to what you expect Dr. Billiot to ask on your first exam and bring it with you to Seminar on Wed/Thurs.

Chem Exam 1 Review F08

If you are in Dr. Silliman's chemistry class, we will NOT have a chem review this week. Instead we will have your first in-class discussion on a science topic of your choice. Discussion Topics Fall 08

Remember to bring an article with you to Seminar on Wed or Thurs about the topic chosen by your class!

Wed 11-11:50 Effects of Marijuana

Wed 12-12:50 Human Cloning, Cryogenics and Stalin's Ape Man

Thurs 9:30-10:20 Stem Cell Research

Thurs 1:30-2:20 Effects of Narcotics

Public Service Announcements:

Events for students: (I highly recommend the first two!)

Test Strategies session Oct. 1st, 3-4, UC 106A

Adult AD/HD, Oct. 2nd 12-1, UC 106B

Texas Hold Em tournament Oct. 4th, 11 AM, Glasscock (free!)

Decision 2008 Hosted by Student Government Association and Jose Tapia from MTV's Real World Learn about the issues and the candidates and why it is so important to get your voice heard in the 2008 Presidential Election!!! The event is scheduled for Tuesday October 7th, 12 p.m. in the University Center Ballroom A. Free food will be served! FMI call the SGA office at 825.5745.