Day 1

Strengths Quest Revisited!

Remember your 5 signature Strengths?

How well did they apply to you?

If you didn't think the computer-generated Strengths applied to you, choose others from this list.

Fill out this worksheet Attach:SQinCareers.xls using 4 strengths of your choice.

  • I will take this worksheet up for a grade at the beginning of class on Monday.
  • I will also grade this as part of your next portfolio! YOU MUST submit a copy of this worksheet in your next portfolio AND ANALYZE it in your REFLECTIVE OVERVIEW!

Homework - Complete your worksheet applying each of your strengths to your future career. I will take them up at the beginning of class on Monday for a grade!

Day 2

Strengths Quest Revisited!

Everyone should have completed the Attach:SQinCareers.xls worksheet applying 4 Strengths of your choice to a future career. I will be taking a grade on this today.


  • Count off into groups of 4.
  • Share with your group how each of your strengths could be an asset in your future career.
  • Later, each person will share with the whole class information about another group member.
    • tell the class the person's name along with how two of their strengths will benefit their future career.

(This exercise is designed to not only increase your awareness of others' strengths but also to give you an opportunity to explore different careers related to science, to find out more about your classmates, to help improve your listening abilities and to give you a little practice public speaking.)