Guide to writing a good 150-word proposal for the FYRC.

Follow the guidelines provided by the Conference website

  • Sentence 1 - State the purpose of the proposed presentation (The purpose of this presentation is to inform the audience about our research experiment investigating...)
  • Sentences 2-4 - Provide some background information on which the proposal is based. You MUST include APA formatted citations (in text and full references at the end)!
  • Final sentence - Give some relevance to the general population (Why we care!)

  • For Seminar you must complete the "Class/Instructor Use ONLY Application Form" and turn it in to ME on BlackBoard by Wednesday, March 21st!
  • If you choose to apply to present at the FYRC, the contact person for your team needs to complete the "online Application Form" by noon on Friday, March 23rd

Links to both are located on the Conference website