Let's begin by talking about your research!!

What are you writing about in Composition?

The environment is everything that isn't me.

Albert Einstein

Read the handout and underline parts that you have a question or comment about. We will use these as we explore today's disscussion topic.

As a nation we are not without our mistakes...

  • Who is the only country to deliberately kill millions of people with nuclear weapons?

Luckily, we have learned from many of our mistakes, and we have the first ammendment right to petition our government to make corrections.

Now what is superfund?

Superfund is a system in place to petition the government to correct dump sites like Love Canal.


How does this all work and what does it have to with us here in Corpus Christi Texas?

As the article we just read by former administrator of the EPA, Eckardt Beck states,

"Unlike Love Canal, few are situated so close to human settlements. But without a doubt, many of these old dumpsites are time bombs with burning fuses--their contents slowly leaching out. And the next victim could be a water supply, or sensitive wetland"

How will you, as a future scientist, leave the nation for the next generation?