Welcome to the Spring 2018 First-Year Seminar 1102. I'm looking forward to a great Spring semester!

  • Brief introductions
  • Overview of your learning community
    • Join "1st Year Science at TAMUCC" on Facebook!! It's a great place to ask questions!
  • Ice Breaker - Elevator Speech

UCCP 1102 Learning Goals

What will be your Islander Impact?

Group discussion: Expectations for Seminar

Break into groups of about 4.

  • Who was your instructor for seminar last semester?
  • What did you really like about that experience?
  • Discuss what you would like to happen in Seminar this semester.
    • List 3-5 goals that you hope seminar will do for you.
    • List 3-5 expectations that you have of me as your instructor.

Draw upon your experiences in seminar from last semester for inspiration.

After about 10 minutes we will share and hear some of the things your group has come up with.

Seminar WILL be different the second semester!

Exit slip - Goals

Homework- Work on your ppt intro and start thinking about potential research topics. Review the online syllabus and let me know if you have any questions and/or suggestions.

Please bring your Biology books to seminar class next Mon/Tues!!