Monday and Tuesday

Bring your Biology book with you to Seminar this Monday/Tuesday, e-text is fine!

Any questions about the syllabus?

Here is a link to the Time Management activity. If you found it helpful, you might want to fill out the electronic schedule and print a new copy! Start thinking about your CV and Cover Letter which is due in a few weeks!

Today we will do a modeling exercise. By the time you leave class today, hopefully everyone will have a better idea of how in depth Dr. Moretzsohn expects you to know and understand the material in your textbook!

  • I will divide you into 5 groups. Each group will choose one of these figures, then work together to thoroughly understand the concept it represents. Make sure everyone in your group understands and can explain it on their own!
  • Then, I will count you off in to new groups, and you will each be responsible for teaching your new group about your original figure.

Discussion Figures

  • 19.9
  • 19.16 vs 19.18
  • 20.8
  • 20.12 (20.11 old ed)
  • 21.13

Other Key Figures

  • 19.6
  • 19.14
  • 20.6
  • 20.10
  • 20.15
  • 21.9
  • 21.10
  • 21.16
  • 21.17

Main Application

  • 19.20
  • 20.15 (20.14 old ed)
  • 21.8

Homework - Upload your ppt intro to BlackBoard (due before you come to class on Wed/Thursday) and be thinking about potential research ideas.

Wednesday and Thursday

We will present your ppt intro during class Wed/Thursday this week. Then, we will interview each other to help you decide who you would like to work with for your research project.

Next Tuesday during Seminar we will sign-up for teams. Keep thinking about research topics for the Interdisciplinary Research Experience Spring 2017 Some examples of topics can be found on the attached excerpts of schedules for the FYRC in 2015, 2014, and 2013. It is pretty obvious which presentations are from the Science Learning Communities!

Bring your Chemistry notes with you to Seminar NEXT Monday/Tuesday!

Homework - Here are some ideas (from Dr. Johnson) to consider when putting together your Research Team Contract. SIGNED contracts should be uploaded to BlackBoard (1 per team) by next Friday! Bring potential research ideas next week!