The teachers in your learning community have invested considerable time and energy developing and scheduling shared assignments and activities, and developing connections among their courses. The work you do in Seminar will be related to your work in other learning community courses, and sometimes the grade you earn for work in one course will count in the others, too! Your seminar professor meets regularly with all of your learning community professors to provide enhanced learning opportunities and help you stay on track throughout the semester.

First-Year Seminar will challenge you to engage in significant learning in college-level intellectual work. Taking advantage of the small-class environment, you will discuss and write about the readings/topics you are doing in your other courses. You will develop your skills to work productively in small groups. To develop your critical thinking skills and your information literacy, you will learn how to examine problems and questions from multiple perspectives.

In addition to the focus on academic achievement, Seminar will focus on other aspects of your successful transition to college life. We will help you access the wide range of resources available to you, both academically and socially. You will learn about the many choices you have to participate in student activities. And you will learn about and learn how to develop skills that will help you succeed during your transition to life as an Islander.

The Goals

Course Objectives: The objectives of First-Year Seminar I are to advance the six intellectual and practical skills defined by the Texas Core Curriculum:

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Empirical and Quantitative Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Social Responsibility
  • Personal Responsibility

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Reflect and integrate learning from learning community courses, including development of critical thinking skills, social and/or personal responsibility.
  • Interact with faculty and peers about substantive matters through daily activities and discussions.
  • Demonstrate competence of knowledge related to the learning community discipline(s) in a public forum.

What Seminar Is

  • A class to help you understand and apply major concepts from your other Tetrad classes.
  • A safe place where you can develop and practice necessary college skills, like learning strategies, working cooperatively in groups, and how to think/act/communicate as a scientist.
  • A relaxing place to meet study partners and friends! :)

What Seminar Isn't

  • A class that has lots of homework and graded assignments... basically there are 3 major assignments
    • Portfolios are one of the best ways for you to track and evaluate your progress throughout the semester. They aren't difficult, but they are incredibly powerful learning tools which we will use in place of your mid-term and final exams!
    • The learning community research project which Seminar will facilitate but will count for a major grade in ALL of your LC courses!
    • We will also have daily grades for little things which will help you to achieve the big stuff!
  • A study hall
    • We will not spend every class working on materials for Biology, Chemistry, or Communication.
    • I will not re-teach concepts from large lecture, but we will work together to help you better understand them!
  • A free ride
    • You DO earn a grade for this class, which will count toward your GPA!
    • You are expected to attend class and participate.
  • A waste of time
    • This class is unlike any other course you will take at TAMU-CC. Remember that you or your parents (or somebody) is/are paying for this course, so I want to make sure you get your money's worth!
    • Seminar is what YOU make of it!

What is my job?

Seminar is a class designed for the students, so my job is to help YOU!