Desde La Ultima Vez/From Last Time

Next time: Should be purdy much done.

  • Evaluation form to be filled out by your contact person
  • Here 'tis Attach:PADM5370IndEval.doc
  • To be filled out by your contact person
  • Could be given to you or emailed to me (my email is on the contact form)

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Questions? Answers?

3. Abstractg Averages


  • Your grant should be submitted when your contact person is ready to do so. Make sure she/he/they have all of the info you need
  • You DO NOT submit the grant yourself

5. Debrief/discussion of class

6. Review Portfolio Assignment

7. Final peer review/revise o rama--have at least two people go over your ENTIRE grant application.

8. Your final grant application package, including your reflective memo, is due by 7 pm Thursday, May 9.

9. Please let me know if your grant gets funded!