From Last Time



  • Abstract due (over McElrath? Step 4)
  • Stick to your time line. I will follow up with you on it.

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Individual student work spaces are at:

  • What did you say you would get done?
  • What did you accomplish?
  • What challenges did you face doing these tasks (and, if they're not complete, what prevented you from completing them?)
  • What work is planned for nest week?
  • What questions do you have?

4. Discuss McElrath? Ch. 4

  • 39 statements of purpose and define the result of the project
  • SMART 40
  • Methods 42
  • Tips for writing them 43
  • Mote the "don't" on 44

5. What are your goals and objectives going to be on your individual grant? Draft some. Pair share as you get done.

6. Work time

7. Next time:


Note graduate student mixer at 6 pm.

Extra credit if you can go.

Class will begin at 7:45 pm

Write this:

  • Abstract due (over new budget readings)
  • Attach:Budgetexercise.doc You'll want to start it prior to class, but it will be turned in at the end

Read this:

  • Hall and Howlett, Budget. In Readings Library of Blackboard
  • Clarke and Fox, : Telling Your Story in Dollars and Cents. In Readings Library of Blackboard

We will do this:

  • Draft Budget if you are following syllabus time line.