1. Introductions

  • Chuck Etheridge, Coordinator, TAMUCC Technical and Professional Writing Program
  • 525-5755
  • charles.etheridge@tamucc.edu

I welcome emails and phone calls if you have questions I can answer!

2. Scan these following articles

3. Do the following search:

  • www.usajobs.gov search "technical writer"
  • www.monster.com search "technical writer" in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin

3. So, what is it?

  • Writing that "occurs in contexts of consequence"
  • Writing that gets work done
  • Writing that has impact in the real world
    • Examples include, but are not limited to:
      • Grants (Since students and faculty have written grant applications on behalf of area nonprofits totaling more than $500,000)
      • Web content
      • Manuals for companies and businesses
      • Publicity manuals
      • Basically, any kind of writing you see
      • Legal briefs
      • Police reports

4. Our graduates:

  • Write technical manuals for area refineries
  • Manage social media communications for local hospitals
  • Work as grant writers fundraisers for area non profits
  • Work as content managers for websites maintained by local businesses
  • Work in procurement for government agencies
  • Go to law school (and are successful when they get there--the biggest honor in law school is to write for the law review)

5. How to do it:

  • TPW combines words, images, and formatting to create documents intended for specific, real people that either:
    • Give them the information they need to perform a task they need to accomplish
    • Give them the information they need to take the action that needs to be taken

6. Consider these examples:

  • Example One



  • Example Two


7. Which one is more effective? Why?

  • What should a flier for an event have?

8. Using MS Word or publisher, create a flier that either:

  • Announces an event for an organization you belong to
  • Encourages people to join an organization you belong to

9. Studio time:

  • Display some samples
  • At the end of our time, email your flier to yourself and to me; I'd love to see them: charles.etheridge@tamucc.edu.
  • The people who made this possible would like to keep in touch with you. Please consider adding them to your email:
    • thomas.murphy@tamucc.edu
    • robin.carstensen@tamucc.edu