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  • Chris: Sweet Tea
  • Liz - Sodas (Sprite/Dr. Pepper)
  • Hannah Stiles- Hot Chocolate


  • Bethany Pokluda-Brownies
  • Alexis Trevino--Cookies
  • Courtney--Home made not nutted chocolate chip cookies
  • Small cake with happy birthday mckayla on it- Michael
  • Devorah--cookies
  • Rebekah - Gingerbread not nutty cookies


  • Hot Chips Mix (Hot Cheetos, Hot Funyuns, etc.) - Avien
  • Lays Lemon Chips- Jessica
  • Cheesy Poofs - Tory
  • Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn - Amber

Other Yummy Stuff/Paleo non-carbohydrated yummies for people like Dr. E

  • Mixed Nuts--Chuck

Servingware (napkins, plates, plastic spoons if needed, etc.)

  • plastic spoons/ forks - Missy