From Last Time/Desde La Última Vez:

  • Read selections on "How writing is about learning"
  • Be working on your website

Today's Daily Agenda

"To be prepared is half the victory."
Miguel De Cervantes, born September 29th

1. Attendance

2. Questions

3. Writing time

  • Invisible writing activity
  • For you personally, how does reading affect your writing?
  • discuss

4. Writing and cognition

  • Learning--define it?
    • Have them finds some
    • Give them Vygotsky
    • Parse it out
    • Writing Process
    • Goal setting
    • Writing and the brain (challenges and possibilities)
    • The social layer
    • "Embodied cognition" (74
    • Cognition and metacognition 76
    • Habituated practice (and the remedy) 77-8
    • Reflection

Your thoughts?

5. Genre: Do EACH of the following activies:

  • Text someone about something
  • Write a social media post. If you want, complain that your prof is making you do it. Post it
  • Write me an email in which you Give me the URL of your web portfolio.
  • Write a list of everything you have to get done by the end of the day. (on a post-it)
  • Write a four line poem about anything (in your journal)

6. Portfolio Two:

Also in your journal, write briefly (sentence or two only) on the following

  • What did you do when you wrote each of these different kinds of writing?
  • Caroline Miller says "Genre is social action." Based on what you just did, what do you think she meant?

7. Studio time--web portfolio, or getting started on PO2?, your choice

8. Next Time/La Próxima Vez

  • Read Yancey, Robertson, and Taczak, found in Blackboard
  • Write Your abstract reflection, over "HOow? Writing Reflects Belief Systems, Writers Always Have More to Learn, and Writing is About Learning), submitted in Blackboard.
  • Review Proftfolio Two Assignment (see Number 6)
  • Email Dr. E the web address to your web folio. You will answer roll on Tue by briefly showing your Web folio to the whole class.