From the email I sent last week

1. Both Groups: Email your groups work (need statement and project description) to the whole class; be prepared to discuss and comment on it next time.
2. Read
Evaluation. K & S, Lesson 11\\ Mikelonis et al., “Designing the Monitoring and Reporting Plans. Readings Library in Blackboard
3. Abstract Reflection on the Budgeting readings
4. We will spend much of the class as a working session on what needs to be done
5. VERY IMPORTANT\\ Read the guidlines of this funding source
It will be the funding source we write our grant application to. I'll discuss how this source was found next week.

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Group A:

  • What has been completed?
  • What completed work can you show the group?
  • What work do you have planned next?

3. Group A:

  • What has been completed?
  • What completed work can you show the group?
  • What work do you have planned next?

4. Foundation Directory:

5. Note the guidelines:

6. Any questions? Alguna preguntas? في سوال؟

7. A touch on budgeting

  • Note this is a Program Budget, not an organizational or annual budget
  • Don't do a Cadilac or a Yugo; shoot for a Toyota or a Chevy (K & F 199, 210)
  • Program Budget--
    • What will it cost? (Michelonis 292-3)
    • What will the grant fund? (Michelonis 291)
    • Types of expenses
    • Spreadsheet (Michelonis 302)
    • Period
    • REALISTIC Estimates (K & F 200-1)
    • Salaries--and benefits, etc. (K & F 206)
    • COLA? Michelonis 293
    • OTPS (K & F 207)
    • Direct
    • Indirect (K & F 209) (Michelonis 300)
    • In kind (McElrath? 78) (Michelonis 298)
    • Justification (Narrative) (K & F 205) (Michelonis 301-2)
      • What do we know about the Food Bank Budget ?

8. Evaluation

  • Evaluation should be determined by the agency, preferably by the staff delivering the service
  • Should generate useful data
  • Should be manageable and practical, not onerous--hopefully, as part of the regular record keeping on the part of the agency
  • Overview
  • Who's the audience? MI
  • Impact, Leverage, and ROI MC 56
  • Process (Formative) and Outcome (Summative) K 193 Mi 254-6
  • Hypothesis K 195
  • Internal or external K 192
  • Content Mi 197
  • Sample 60 MI 258-9
  • Expect the Unexpected Mi 260-1

9. Clarify Tasks

  • Quarterback: How's it going? What do you need?
  • Stuff getter's on deck.
  • Note this is a HARD COPY application.

10. Next Time/ La Proxima Vez

Write This

  • Abstract Reflection on Evaluation Readings (Mark Budgeting Absent) K & S 11, Mikelonis "Designing"
  • Whatever you're assigned to complete for the Behman Bros grant
  • Whichever group doesn't do the budget and eval should do the cover letter

Read This

  • K & S 14 (Proving your organization can do the job it promises)
  • K & S 15 (Cover letters and summaries)

We will do this

  • Complete draft of the grant should be done prior to class
  • We will go over each section, as a whole, with a fine-toothed comb
  • We will discover we've missed something, and we will strategize ways to handle this
  • Talk about the actual assignment