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From the email I sent last week

1. Both Groups: Email your groups work (need statement and project description) to the whole class; be prepared to discuss and comment on it next time.
2. Read
Evaluation. K & S, Lesson 11\\ Mikelonis et al., “Designing the Monitoring and Reporting Plans. Readings Library in Blackboard
3. Abstract Reflection on the Budgeting readings
4. We will spend much of the class as a working session on what needs to be done
5. VERY IMPORTANT\\ Read the guidlines of this funding source
It will be the funding source we write our grant application to. I'll discuss how this source was found next week.

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Group A:

3. Group A:

4. Foundation Directory:

5. Note the guidelines:

6. Any questions? Alguna preguntas? في سوال؟

7. A touch on budgeting

8. Evaluation

9. Clarify Tasks

10. Next Time/ La Proxima Vez

Write This

Read This

We will do this

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