From Last Time/Desde La Última Vez:

  • Read the reading son Transfer, available in Blackboard
  • Workshop/Studio Rama time to really get your web folio in shape
  • Write Begin roughing out ideas for your genre analysis
What happens when genres collide . . .

1. Attendance

2. Writing time In your journals, write a conversation between two people. You can only use dialogue. However, the reader should know what time of day it is, where the two characters are, who they are, and what's going on.

  • Pair share
  • Discuss in terms of genre--what do you have to do as a writer to give information strictly through dialogue? What do you have to do as a reader to "get at" that information?

2. Teddy and Zach-O-Rama

  • Show web pages to class
  • Explain thought process/design choices/future plans

3. Workshop Time on Web Portfolio with Web Folio Guru Dr. Chris Andrews

  • By the end of class, each student should have
  • A functioning web folio
  • Have a plan that reflects the web presence they want to provide with this portfolio
  • Have customized the tabs to reflect that plan
    • By Genre or Type
    • By Class types (bearing in mind "ENGL 3301" means nothing off campus, but "Technical and Professional Writing" does
    • Will have gotten rid of stuff just because the template provided it.

4. Next time:

  • We will discuss the readings on transfer the reading son Transfer, available in Blackboard
  • You'll tell me the SUBJECT of your genre analysis--what topic that you are interested in are you going to do your genre analysis on?