From last time:

  • Read Readings of "Writing as a Social and Rhetorical Activity" and on "How Writing Speaks to Situations in Recognizable Forms" in the Reading Library of Blackboard.
  • Write Your second weekly reflection (Over Brice Heath and Farr); assignment and submission are in Blackboard.
  • Write, in your journal, on one of the "Language" prompts on page 2 of your Literacy Autobiography Assignment. You will answer roll by reading aloud what you have written.
  • *Spend a bit of time each day working on your literacy autobiography.

Today's Daily Agenda

"Writing is alchemy."
Amanda King

Remember: Extra Credit:

  • Poetry reading by Emmy Perez @ 6 pm in Bayview 320
  • Write a paragraph in which you
    • Name two of the poems she read
    • Give your reaction to the event

1. Attendance by reading your "Language" Entry

2. Questions?

3. Writing Time

  • Deborah Brandt defines "Sponsors of Literacy" as “any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy—and gain advantage by it in some way.”


  • Write on what you think this means


  • Write on people who may have been "Literacy Sponsors" in your own life
  • Pair share
  • Once you are done, spend the remainder of your time re-reading all of your entries so far, looking at what you might include in your LA

4. Questions?

  • We will save our discussion of the reading, "Writing as a Social and Rhetorical Activity" and on "How Writing Speaks to Situations in Recognizable Forms," until next time.

5. Activity (to be done during your studio time)

  • Note the different typewriters
  • Note a bit about the changes, and why they are designed the way they are
  • Talk about "Skeuomorphs"
  • Chose one of the four typewriters, and type the exercise as best you can in 5 minutes
  • We will do other things why you are doing this.

6. Studio time--be working on your LA the rest of class

Samples from last term

7. Next Time/La Próxima Vez:

  • Peer Review Literacy Autobiography
  • Either bring three physical copies or some way to reliably share drafts electronically
  • Remember, these need to be:
    • Published in your web folio
    • Saved as a single document in word and submitted on Blackboard