From Last Time/Desde La Ultima Vez

Class Begins at 8:00 PM on Thu, Feb 7

Write This

  • Needs statement due
  • Draft of project description
  • Abstract Reflection Due over K&S 7 and Michelonis on need statement
  • Planning Memo Due

Read This

  • Goals and Objectives Redux. K&S, Lesson 8.

We will do this

  • Draft Goals and Objectives in class
  • Review the needs statement
  • Discuss the project description

1. Attendance

2. Ignore this

3. Questions? Thoughts? Picks? Pans?

4. Reports from QB, and Groups A and B

5. Discussion of needs: What data have we gathered?
Another resource: United way overview of Nueces County

Some examples:

6. Quick discussion of correlation of data (Daniel)

7. Goals and Objectives; note that they deal with the logic of your plan (project, goals, evaluation)

  • Discuss the logical flow of the overall grant
  • Do quiz

Karsh and Fox Ch. 8

  • Definition of Goal (157)
  • Definition of Objective (158)
  • Swa hwaet? The so what factor
    • Just because a program seems good, if you can's show it will achieve specific results, it's hard to fund
    • Delightful?
  • Grantmakers Goals and Objectives are important, too. (161)
    • Kenedy
    • Moore (see #6)
  • Don't "Make" Your Goals fit with funders; either they do or they don't
  • Talk about pigs
  • REALISTIC goals and objectives, but ones that show real change.

8. Review Work Group A

  • Program description (gather data and draft by 207) (Should be pretty solid by next week)
  • Goals and objectives (should be drafted by next week)
  • Evaluation Plan

Group B

  • Pull together the needs statement (Should be put-a-pin-in-it done next week
  • Organizational Background

Cover letter

9. Work Time

10. Next time/La proxima vez:

Write This

  • Needs statement due
  • Draft of project description
  • Abstract Reflection Due over K&S 8

Read This

Budgeting K&S, Lesson 12. Mikelonis et al, “Preparing the Proposal Budget.” Readings Library in Blackboard.

We will do this

  • Review progress to date
  • Discuss draft of goals and objectives
  • Final read through of the needs statement
  • Review/discuss the project description
  • Discuss funding sources