1. Attendance and Welcomes

2. A bit about my own grant writing history

3. Note Web Syllabi and Texts;

  • note that the CRITICAL THING is to CHECK The Daily Agenda every day!
  • Major Assignments due on BB
  • Note SCHEDULE WILL BE FLEXIBLE; we are counting on other people
  • Note that if I say (or anything I write says) Carlson, I mean McElrath? (Carlson wrote the first three editions, so the name is imprinted pretty deeply in my brain).

4. Note: we are working with the Food Bank of the Coastal Bend to help them develop regular pantry service for clients who are senior citizens; note class history

5. Preguntas?

6. Discussion of Service Learning

7. Note workshop nature of class; it will, once we get under way, run a lot more like a business meeting than a traditional class

8. BREAK--Read McElrath? 'Introduction' and 'Lesson 2' from Karch and Fox

9. Overview of the grant writing process; look at the way McElrath? and Karsh and Fox books are organized.

10. My process:--See handout Attach:Gapworkshop.doc

11. Note planning memo; be working on that. Note what it will involve.

12. Preguntas?

13. Discussion of McElrath? and Karsh and Fox.

14. Next time:

We meet next time at 7 pm on Thursday, January 24th at the Food Bank of Corpus Christi

It is at 826 Krill Street. Please be on time, or, better yet, 5 minutes early. They are staying open late for us. I will give directions in class; you can also use Google Maps. We will meet in the Administration Building.


Audience: What Granting Agencies Want.

  • K&S, Lesson 3.

Getting Ready to Write.

  • K&S, Lesson 4.
  • Mikelonis et al, Planning and Audience Analysis.


  • Abstract Reflection Due over what we read today (McElrath? Introduction and K&S Ch. 2)


  • Note Planning Memorandum (Due Two Weeks from Tonight)
  • Have questions ready for Food Bank Staff about our grant.
  • If you have problems accessing the textbook, let me know.
  • Note both books are available on Kindle editions from Amazon at far less that list price.