From Last Time/Desde La Ultima Vez

We meet next time at 7 pm on Thursday, January 24th at the Food Bank of Corpus Christi

It is at 826 Krill Street. Please be on time, or, better yet, 5 minutes early. They are staying open late for us. I will give directions in class; you can also use Google Maps. We will meet in the Administration Building.


Audience: What Granting Agencies Want.

  • K&S, Lesson 3.

Getting Ready to Write.

  • K&S, Lesson 4.
  • Mikelonis et al, Planning and Audience Analysis.


  • Abstract Reflection Due over what we read today (McElrath? Introduction and K&S Ch. 2)


  • Note Planning Memorandum (Due Two Weeks from Tonight)
  • Have questions ready for Food Bank Staff about our grant.
  • If you have problems accessing the textbook, let me know.
  • Note both books are available on Kindle editions from Amazon at far less that list price.

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Meet at Food Bank

2. Tour of Food Bank

3. Questions?

4. Resume Class at Whataburger by the Bay

5. Projects Page Spring 2019

6. Questions about

  • Planning Memo
  • Abstract Reflections
  • Life
  • Nature of a workshop class

7. What Grantmakers Want (a new Taraji Henderson movie?)

Read with some care:

What do these funders want?

  • Am I eligible?
  • Does my idea mesh?
  • What have they funded recently?
  • How much is it for, and will it pay for what I'm doing?
  • Do I really have to answer all of this?
    • La palabra en ingles es "Yes."
  • What if they don't give this stuff? What strategies should I use?
  • Note "dire warnings."

8. Getting ready

NOte? authors focused on nonprofs, govt' agencies, and individuals

  • Nonprofs
    • Time
    • How to Prepare
      • What strategies do they recommend?
  • Gov't Agencies
    • Time
  • 4 income streams for local gov't
    • How to Prepare
      • What strategies do they recommend?
  • Individuals
  • How to Prepare

9. Michelonis

  • Mission (and why it's unique)
  • What strategies are being used to get where you want to go?
  • Budgets are moral documents; how do they reflect our values?
  • What systems are in place (control)
  • Strategic planning
    • Note excercise on 22-6.

10. The secret to all good workplace writing is to give your reader(s), who are real people, the information they need in as easy to follow, easy to read document as possible.

11. Next time: La proxima vez


  • "Documenting the Need" K & S Lesson 7
  • Mikelonis et al., “Writing the Need Statement.” Readings Library in Blackboard.


  • Planning Memorandum Due
  • Abstract Due over K&S Ch 3 and 4 and Michelonis "Strategic Planning"


  • Be looking for data on the need for our program.