From Last Time: Next time:

  • Get or bring two definitions of literacy (to share with the class)
  • ReadBaron in the Reading Library
  • Write Begin work on Literacy Autobiography. Bring questions!

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance, discussing autobiographical essays.

2. NO COMPUTERS TODAY. SCREEN MUST BE OFF. All class work must be done using the number two pencil I provide you.

3. Writing time: What do you think of when you think of "language?" Does it have positive, negative, or neutral connotations? What are some memories that come up when you think of "language"?

4. General questions about life, the universe, and everything?

5. Share definitions of literacy that you brought

  • Discussion
  • Choose some
  • Textbook definition

6. Baron readings?
Stages of technology

  • restricted function
  • mediated for the public
  • wide adoption

Humanists and technology

  • Writing as tech
    • Initial distrust
    • Early systems
    • Not spoken language--different function

Writing's effects

  • "Great divide"
  • Authentication


  • Pencils
  • The Phone
  • Computer


  • Old technologies become invisible
  • Origin of pencil (and rubbers)
  • Trailing edge
  • These changes happen and become the norm

7. In your journal, apply Baron's "Three Stages" to smartphone technology

8. Discuss the first major assignment.

  • Attach:3303LLA.doc
  • This is also now available in BB
  • Peer Review Oct 14; it is due the 17th.

9. Next time:

  • Read Brice Heath in the Reading Library
  • Write, in your journal, on one of the "Reflecting on your experience as a Reader" on page 2 of your Literacy Autobiography Assignment. You will answer roll by reading aloud what you have written.
  • Write Your first weekly reflection (Over the Lindemann And Baron only); assignment and submission are in Blackboard. It is due prior to class and must be submitted via Blackboard