From Last Time/Desde La Ultima Vez


  • "Documenting the Need" K & S Lesson 7
  • Mikelonis et al., “Writing the Need Statement.” Readings Library in Blackboard.


  • Planning Memorandum Due
  • Abstract Due over K&S Ch 3 and 4 and Michelonis "Strategic Planning"


  • Be looking for data on the need for our program.

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Any questions? Alguna preguntas? في سوال؟

3. Peer review the planning memo:

  • Work in groups of three
  • Reread the assignment in BB
  • Authors--let the listener know what questions you have
  • Read your document out loud to your classmates
  • Listeners/readers: respond by:
    • Answering questions the author has
    • Responding to the assignment
    • Making and suggestions you feel you need to
    • Feedback should be written (email to author is OK)
  • Remember, this is something that happens in workplace writing. The goal is to be thorough and to give good feedback, not to get done quickly.

4. Two tales of grantwriting woe:

  • The disabilities service related agency
  • The school
  • Both had problems with an unclear need; in the second case, the problems resulted in less than optimum planning and in huge, avoidable problems in implementation

5. Needs statement

  • Do the quiz
  • What is it?
  • Note that it's almost always required even when the funders don't specifically ask for it.
  • What do we notice from the three readings?
    • Some of the common ground?
    • Some data that some include but others don't
  • Note that the 'sample' in the the McElrath? is fairly awesome

6. Karch and Fox

  • Grants address problems
  • Types of data to prove (140)
  • Funders have to justify their choices
  • Components:
    • Population
    • Context
  • Public grants (144)

Types of data and where to get it:

  • Community demographics
  • Anecdotal info
  • Focus groups
  • Needs assessments
  • Newspaper/local media
  • Police precinct data
  • School records
  • Health dept
  • Professional lit
  • Have I ever mentioned not to dollar chase? 154

Some basic research tools

7. Division of Duties:

  • We need a quarterback (keeps everything together, communicates with the whole group, responds to Bea or Amado regularly, never miss class, able to manage people/personalities.
    • Important Contacts
      • Beatriz Hanson (Executive Director)
      • Amado Aguilar (Agency Relations Manager)
  • Stuff Getter

Group A

  • Program description (gather data and draft by 207)
  • Goals and objectives,
  • Evaluation Plan

Group B

  • Pull together the needs statement (by 2-7) (
  • Organizational Background

Cover letter Budget


8. Work time

  • What have the two groups discovered
  • About the makeup of the elderly population in the service area
  • About the problems with food access facing the elderly within the service area

(Note--Target population and Context) hmmm.

Each Group

  • Decide how you are going to share the data
  • Write up your section or half of the report. Be thorough and inclusive; easier to cut out than to add if we don't have enough data

9. Michelonis' take:

  • Describe the problem
    • Context
    • Justification
    • Aspect of the problem
      • Rhetorical strategies
        • Logos
        • Pathos
        • Ethos

Note all of these are important; don't be logocentric

  • Describe what your organization will do to address the problem
    • Will list goals
    • Will list tasks necessary to complete the objectives
  • Instrumental purpose
    • Get them to give $$ to your project
    • Rhetorically convince them your project is imporant


  • Think it through
  • Map out a plan

10. Next time/La proxima vez:

{+Class Begins at 8:00 PM on Thu, Feb 7+)

Write This

  • Needs statement due
  • Draft of project description
  • Abstract Reflection Due over K&S 7 and Michelonis on need statement
  • Planning Memo Due

Read This

  • Goals and Objectives Redux. K&S, Lesson 8.

We will do this

  • Draft Goals and Objectives in class
  • Review the needs statement
  • Discuss the project description
  • Discuss funding sources