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Bawarshi in Blackboard


Work on your Genre Analysis

I Will Ask

  • What your topic is for your analysis
  • If you want to wrap this unit up before or after spring break

“Words are your business, boy. Not just the word. Words are everything. The key to the rock, the answer to the question.”

Ralph Ellison, author of Invisible Man, born on March 1st.

1. Attendance

  • Each of you will answer by telling me what you are doing your genre analysis on.

2. Writing time: Free topic: Write about anything you want to for fifteen minutes.

3. Reading

  • Two different meanings of genre (French vs. Latin)
  • Social purposes
  • Helps ups better to understand writing as focus, active tasks (5)

Useful for teaches

  • Helps students see the purpose of/reason for/ applicaition of writing
  • It's a way to teach for transfer

Genre is not formula or literary tradition; it's a set of different ways of being in the world.

4. Question: Do you want to complete your genre analysis prior to Spring Break?

5. Next time--homework--will depend on which option you chose.