From Last Time

  • Spring Break. Enjoy. Re-create a bit, in the literal sense of the word.
  • For Next time (March 21)
  • Guest Lecture from Susana Guerra Privet, OCNR 241
  • Abstract Due over
  • Developing the Proposal Idea (McElrath? Step I

Finding Sources.

  • Mikelonis et al., Funding Sources Using Library Resources, Funding Sources on the Web.
  • McElrath?, Resource A, K&S, Appendix 4. Which funders would be good sources for your individual project application? Why?
  • Note that I have an individual subscription to The Foundation Directory Online. If you meet with me prior to class, I can help you find some likely funders. Although there are some things you can do--organizational background, project summary, budget,--you'll be limited in what you can do on your grant until you have a funder.

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Guest Lecture:

  • Susana Guerra Privett, US Census

3. Where are we now?

  • Note the assignment--the Standard Format Grant
  • Grant
  • The key is time management
  • Note that you didn't write a massive amount for the grant app; what took most of your time was finding out what you needed to know to do the writing
  • This is a different kind of research, with the writing being the sharing of results--different from what we English majors often think of as "research."
  • I'd quite literally work through each chapter of McElrath?.
  • Meet with me in class or in my office sometime before class on Thu so I can help you generate a list of funders.
  • Start generating the list of materials YOU KNOW you have to have in order to complete nearly any grant (See 236-40 of Karsh and Fox); remember that getting this stuff together can take as much time as writing the grant, so start on March 1st
    • Proof of 501 c 3
    • 990
    • Board of Directors
    • Bylaws
    • Project Budget
    • Organizational Budget
    • (for some) Audited Financials
    • Also helpful:
      • Organizational Brochures
      • Any positive coverage about the organization
      • Letters of support

4. Discussion of funding sources

  • 'member the three major types
  • McElrath?, exp. 119-12-
  • Karsh and FOx? 335 on
  • Detailed discussion of Michelonis

. Practice searches on:

  • or
  • Foundation Center
  • A corporate site

6. Project descriptions (Back to McElrath? 1)

  • Note you need to finish one by the end of class today

7. Work time:

  • Complete project description
  • Make a timeline in which you identify each of the tasks you need to complete by the end of the term so that your grant will be done. (Due at end of class)

8. Next time:


  • Working with Funders. McElrath?, Step 2.
  • McElrath?, Step 3.
  • Mikelonis et al., “Drafting the Proposal Narrative”


  • Abstract over this week's readings (two McElrath? Chapters and Mikelonis

Planning--Stick with your schedule