From Last Time


  • Working with Funders. McElrath?, Step 2.
  • McElrath?, Step 3.
  • Mikelonis et al., “Drafting the Proposal Narrative”


  • Abstract over this week's readings (two McElrath? Chapters and Mikelonis

Planning--Stick with your schedule

(Plus, I emailed each of you and asked me to send a project description and to meet with me to identify funders)

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

1b. Discuss Last week

2. Let's set aside time to ask questions that we have

3. Remember, you are writing a Standard Format Grant, which will include:
1. RFP (copy and pasted with the link)
2. Cover letter
3. Mission and History/Background
4. Needs/demographics/problem statement
5. Outcomes & outputs (or Goals and Objectives)
6. Partners/funders/sustainability
7. Budget & budget narrative
8. Tax certificate
9. Board members list and bios

10. Additional items: articles, pics, etc.
Plus a written assessment of the quality of your work by your contact at the agency.

4. During class, I'd like you make a schedule/timetline for you to complete your individual grant application by May 9th. Please submit it in our Google Drive space in the folder marked "individual Projects." It can be accessed at the following URL:

  • Make a folder
  • Put your timeline there

5. Readings:

  • Key points from McElrath? Step 2
  • Step 3--Problem statements
    • Note this is the section that will get your grant "over the top" or not
    • Remember to identify the problem in your community that your proposal is a solution to (example: Cristiane)
    • Mikelonis
  • SSRC: Do you know it?

And the Commission on Youth

6. Work time:

  • By the end of class you will have posted your timeline
  • You will have your timeline posted in your individual folder
  • You will have a written project description posted in your individual folder
  • You will have a list of funders you will approach, or you will identify a specific funder

7. Next time:



  • Abstract due (over McElrath? Step 4)
  • Stick to your time line. I will follow up with you on it.