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Devitt in Blackboard


  • Weekly reflection Due on Readings on Transfer and on Bawarshi, submitted in Blackboard

Work on your Genre Analysis

Today in Literary History: After a two-week siege, the Mexican Army overwhelms the fortified mission in southern Texas called the Alamo; all the defenders are killed, including William Travis, Jim Bowie, and Davy Crockett. Texas will later voluntarily join the Union as a slave-owning state, sparking a war US war with Mexico. Outraged that his federal taxes are going to support a war to promote the spread of slavery, author Henry David Thoreau refuses to pay his taxes and is ultimately jailed. Thorough write of his experience in an essay called "Resistance to Civil Government" (sometimes mistitled "Civil Disobedience"), which became the blueprint for action for Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela, among others.

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Answer role by telling me the two genres you are looking at for your analysis

2. Writing Time

  • write a poem that tells a story in 3 haiku
  • haiku is an ancient Japanese form
  • three line poem
  • first line is 5 syllables, second line is seven syllables, third line is 5 syllables

3. Share w/ class

4. Devitt--Look at 342 and 343

  • Go back to your definitions of memes.

Look at the following:

Looking at all of these, what can we generalize about memes? Why is it important to understand the values (or ideology) particular memes promote?

5. Re-email me the URL of your portfolio

6. Work time on your genre analysis/one on one conferences with me

7. Next time:

  • You will answer roll by showing me the two genres you are analyzing
  • You will show me SUBSTANTIAL PROGRESS (drafting, notes, actual writing) on your genre analysis BECAUSE
  • Looking Ahead we will PEER REVIEW the genre anlysis the day we come back from Spring Break