1. Attendance

2. Updates

  • From Teams

3. Questions?

4. McElrath10?: the summary

  • Note required elements 91-2
  • Note Tips 92
  • Note example 92-3

5. Quick look at McElrath?

  • Cover letters redux
  • Appendices
  • Packaging
  • Paper--
    • Table of contents
    • Cover sheet for each appendix
    • Specific number of copies, format (many grants specific font and spacing, etc)
    • Neat but not too fancy; you want to look well organized but not wasteful
  • Electronic
    • SYSTEMS FAIL. A failure of submission software does not extend the application deadline. Never 'last minute' it.
    • Early on, find out the process--can you save, etc.
    • Federal and State Grants have an extra layer of paperwork that has little to do with the grant itself (but much to do with the organization). Even grant professionals need help with this; get started early on this part.
  • Checklist on page 102--We will do this by the end of class

6. Work time

  • Git 'er done
  • Note that 'Larry the Cable Guy' is from Nebraska and that his 'Southern-ness' is an act in which he basically imitates his college room mate. 'Git 'er Done' is still a useful phrase.

7. It's ALL due.

  • Grant should be submission ready
  • Each individual's Portfolio One should be submitted on BB.

8. Next Time(s).

  • Spring Break. Enjoy. Re-create a bit, in the literal sense of the word.
  • For Next time (March 21)
  • Guest Lecture from Susana Guerra Privet, OCNR 241
  • Abstract Due over
  • Developing the Proposal Idea (McElrath? Step I

Finding Sources.

  • Mikelonis et al., Funding Sources Using Library Resources, Funding Sources on the Web.
  • McElrath?, Resource A, K&S, Appendix 4. Which funders would be good sources for your individual project application? Why?
  • Note that I have an individual subscription to The Foundation Directory Online. If you meet with me prior to class, I can help you find some likely funders. Although there are some things you can do--organizational background, project summary, budget,--you'll be limited in what you can do on your grant until you have a funder.