From Last Time/Desde La Última Vez:

  • You will answer roll by showing me the two genres you are analyzing
  • You will show me SUBSTANTIAL PROGRESS (drafting, notes, actual writing) on your genre analysis BECAUSE
  • Looking Ahead we will PEER REVIEW the genre anlysis the day we come back from Spring Break

I could find nothing interesting that happened today (March 8th) in writing history except that today is the day of Sherwood Andeson's death. Anderson was not a major figure himself, but he was a major influence on many of the well-known writers of the first half of the 20th century, including John Dos Passos, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Richard Wright, and William Faulkner. Anderson did, however, vacation in Corpus Christi, so that makes us almost famous literarily.

That's all I've got . . .

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Writing Activity

  • Topic--"Spring Break--Past, Present, or Future"
  • Pair Share

3. Work time

  • Finish drafting your Genre Study
  • Peer Review Next Time
  • I will meet one on one with you as you work.

4. Next Time/La Próxima Vez:

  • Peer Review Genre Analysis
  • Either bring three physical copies or some way to reliably share drafts electronically
  • Remember, these need to be:
    • Published in your web folio
    • Saved as a single document in word and submitted on Blackboard

Have a safe and happy Spring Break!