From Last Time/Desde La Última Vez:

  • Write Your weekly reflection on the two "Postliteracy" readings we did this week, posted to Blackboard.
  • Write Your essay on the person you admire
  • Explore Camtasia, Audacity, Garage Band, infographic programs and Spark or Sway
  • Let Me Know which modes you are doing for parts two and three
  • Read “What is Post-Literacy? Part 2

My Thoughts About The Semester Nearly Being Over

1. Attendance

  • What 2 modes are you doing your second and third parts of your Project #3 on?

2. If tech working, show how to do "overvoicing" or audio narration

3. Share the Attach:Prospectemail.doc --get some ideas about how it could be made more appealing as a piece of multimodality

4. Discussions:

  • Podcast? Did you listen
    • Note that regular readers exhibit most of the signs of addictive behavior
    • Note the environmental impact (over 500 pounds of unrecycled paper per person per year in the US?
  • Reading
    • polymodal literacy (what we're working on) or transliteracy, one definition of which is "Literacy can encompasses multiple communication technologies. It includes legacy media like written text and visual communication. But it now extends to computational and interactive literacy. Using digital technologies like the Web requires familiarity with interactive models, while understanding how those technologies operate requires familiarity with computational processes and structures.”
    • Is gaming a literacy
    • Are their video or visual literacies?
    • Are we one step away from being "cyberpunks?" The advent of instantaneous brain-to-brain communication, while inferior to the word in its ability to communicate intricate meaning, may one day emerge as superior in terms of simply relaying information quickly. The notion that the written word and the complex system of grammatical and cultural rules governing its use would retain its viability in an era where thinking, talking, and accessing the world’s storehouse of information are indistinguishable seems uncertain at best.”
    • Another definition: “a return to more natural forms of multisensory communication—speaking, storytelling, dialogue, debate, and dramatization. It is just now that these modes can be captured and stored digitally as easily as writing. Information, emotion, and persuasion may be even more powerfully conveyed in multimedia formats.”
    • My note--what we are undergoing is a return to a previous time--regionalized, localized, tribalized, as it were. The anomaly, in the great sweep of history, was the 20th century, with its mass literacy and mass culture

5. Work time as you see fit:

6. Schedule for the rest of the term (also on BB and on my web page)

7. Next Time/La Próxima Vez:

  • Write We will peer review the first part of your "person profile" next time. 3 hard copies, or one way of reliably sharing drafts.
  • Bring An example of multimodal writing you like to class (this is how you will answer roll)
  • Read Attach:Ball.pdf (you can read it here, or sign in to blackboard to read it)