Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. 'member, stories are due Thursday.

3. So, what's up the rest of the semester?

  • One more polished work of fiction
  • If you have done both a work of urban and a work of heroic fantasy, your third story can be either, or any other in the realm of speculative fiction (including horror)
  • You can also lengthen a previous work turned in--adding to a story or continuing it as a part of a longer work
  • Or Mallworld!
  • Identify a market to REALLY submit to
  • Create a cover letter/letter of inquiry
  • Submit via the final exam

4. Questions? Answers?

5. Basics of submission

  • Have something written that's as good as you can make it
  • Identify a market
  • CAREFULLY read their submission criteria
    • Does your work qualify
      • In terms of genre
      • Length
      • Required format
      • Submission requirements
      • What's a SASE?
  • Craft a submission letter/email
  • Submit according to the guidelines

6. Discuss Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Market

7. Discuss Creatures of Myth and Legend

8. Workshop time

9. Next time:

  • Story #2 due by class time.
  • Finish Briggs