Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Questions? Answers?

3. Cover Letters:

Activity: Browse some of these. What do you notice?

4. Moon Called

  • What do you notice about her technique?
  • Notice in particular how she makes use of US and World History
  • Humor on 'dogness' of werewolves.
  • Other reactions?
  • Why do you think this book was so popular? What can you learn as an author who wants to sell books?

5. Workshop time

6. Upcoming

  • Final Page Count Due tomorrow
  • Final Reading Reflection over "Creatures of Myth and Legend" and the end of Moon Called Due 11-22 (Tue)
  • The Tue we come back from break, shoot for having a completed draft of story #3 ready.
  • Nov 29--general workshop and question and answer time--bring writing device to class
  • Dec 1--Peer review in pairs
  • Dec 6--Cover letter workshop
  • Dec 8--Class party and celebration of our work
  • Dec 12--E submission deadline
    • Story #3
    • Cover Letter
    • Bcc or screen shot me with confirmation your story has been submitted