From Last Time/Desde La Última Vez:

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance:

  • Show your brief video

2. If tech working, show how to do "overvoicing" or audio narration

3. Writing time:

  • In your journal, make a list of 5 people you admire
  • They can be people you know personally, or someone from the local area
  • Write about one of them for 8 minutes
  • Pair share

4. Reading:

  • How many listened to the poscast?
    • What did you think about the argument that the alphabet is a rapidly fading tool that is becoming outmoded?
    • Arguments that other alphabets have faded?
    • Notations of all the times in which the tradition written word doesn't work (letters, even voice mails?)
    • Notion that the alphabet (written word) in communication is using a 1 inch knife to cut down a tree when you need a chainsaw (other writing modes)
  • How many of you read?
    • Transliteracy (“is the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and film, to digital social networks” )
    • Western European literate culture replaced all other previous cultures
    • Traditional Western European literate culture is being replaced (how many of you write letters or listen to voice mail?)
    • Post-literacy will be a technology, tool or collection of tools and technologies that will enable us to transfer information more efficiently and effectively than reading and writing

5. The assignment: Attach:3303Portfolio3.doc

6. Part One: Essay

  • Creative nonfiction essay/memoir. First you need to write an essay introducing this person and why you admire them. Because it’s creative nonfiction, the sky’s the limit in terms of ways you can approach this. You could tell stories, write a “profile,” give biography, interview or talk to them. I want an interesting, engaging piece of writing (a minimum of 4-5 pages) that profiles that person.

7. Part Two: A project that combines words and moving images, sounds, or both (still written and scripted, but presented in a different way. Choose ONE:

  • Video (Camtasia or other)
  • Podcast (Audacity is an easy to use program, but you can use others; some swear by Garage Band)

8. Part Three: A presentation that combines text and images to tell a story

9: Schedule for the rest of the term (also on BB and on my web page)

This is also included in the assignment, listed above, and the syllabus has been modified, too.

10. Next Time/La Próxima Vez:

  • Write Your weekly reflection on the two "Postliteracy" readings we did this week, posted to Blackboard.
  • Write Your essay on the person you admire
  • Explore Camtasia, Audacity, Garage Band, infographic programs and Spark or Sway
  • Let Me Know which modes you are doing for parts two and three
  • Read “What is Post-Literacy? Part 2