F''rom Last Time/Desde La Última Vez:

  • Literacy Autobiography Due
    • Published in your web folio
    • Saved as a single document in word and submitted on Blackboard
  • Read Bawarshi in BB

"If I see an ending, I can work backwards."
Arthur Miller, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Death of a Salesman, on how he plots his stories. Born October 17th.

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Writing time

  • Free topic
  • Pair Share

3. Questions?

4. End of Unit I Assessment: Take out a piece of paper and answer the following questions:

  • What did you learn about the discipline of writing studies from your literacy autobiography (you can refer to the readings, your own writing, or both?
  • What, if any, problems have you had with setting up your web portfolio?
  • One thing that is working well in this class for me is __________
  • A way this class could be improved is _____________
  • (Optional) List anything else you think I should know

5. Briefly discuss their answers and collect them

6. Another hosting platform, recommended by a classmate:

  • www.wix.com
  • Discussion of it

7. Genre: Do EACH of the following activies:

  • Text someone about something
  • Write a social media post. If you want, complain that your prof is making you do it. Post it
  • Write me an email in which you Give me the URL of your web portfolio.
  • Write a list of everything you have to get done by the end of the day. (on a post-it)
  • Write a four line poem about anything (in your journal)

Also in your journal, write briefly (sentence or two only) on the following

  • What did you do when you wrote each of these different kinds of writing?
  • Caroline Miller says "Genre is social action." Based on what you just did, what do you think she meant?

8. Reading

  • Two different meanings of genre (French vs. Latin)
  • Social purposes
  • Helps ups better to understand writing as focus, active tasks (5)

Useful for teaches

  • Helps students see the purpose of/reason for/ applicaition of writing
  • It's a way to teach for transfer

Genre is not formula or literary tradition; it's a set of different ways of being in the world.

9. Upcoming
Thursday Oct 19

  • You have an independent assignment that will be accomplished in lieu of class
  • Read Devitt, in Blackboard.
  • Do the following internet genre activity
  • Find a good definition of a "meme"
  • Find three memes you think are funny (download them or record the URL)
  • Find three memes that you get that you don't think your parents (or I) would get (download them or record the URL)
  • Find three memes that you don't understand (download them or record the URL)

Next Tuesday Oct 24

  • Write Weekly Reflection 6 (On Bawarshi and on Devitt); submit in Blackboard
  • Read Freedman and Medway, in Blackbaord
  • Be prepared to answer roll, in class, with your answers to Thursday's activity