Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Questions? Answers?

3. Discussion of Moon Called

  • What's the deal with her being a mechanic?
    • What does this establish?
    • What possibilities does it open up?
  • Taking a journey--
    • What possibilites does it open up plot wise?
    • How does it allow the narrator explore Mercy's backstory?
  • World building
    • With a partner, try to identify every magical creature we have discovered so far and, briefly describe that type of being

4. Editing fiction

5. Review time:

  • Read work aloud
  • Identify what you want feedback on.
  • Praise, question, wish.
  • If you don't have other types of specifics to look for, concentrate on wordiness.

6. Next time:

  • Page count due by 5 pm on Friday
  • Reading reflection due before class on Tue (Witchcraft and Ch 5-6 of Moon Called
  • Read "Fantasy Races" in Card.