Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Bug Devorah

3. Questions? Answers?

4. Note revised due date for stories (repeat of what was said in class last time).

5. Revision

6. Card "Traditional Fantasy Cultures"

  • Reactions?

Note the chapter is called "Traditional" for a reason; it's all derived from Europe

  • Feudalism
  • Manorialism
  • Christianity
  • Social order/Nobility
    • discussion of Knights should go here
  • Church hierarchy
  • Non-Christian/Aboriginal/Other cultures

Possibilities to use other cultures? Ex: Warren Norwood

7. Pair Share Current material

  • Read aloud
  • Use "Praise, Question, Wish" format

8. Next time:

  • Short Story 1 Due Thursday
  • Finish Lackey