Today's Daily Agenda

l. Attendance

1a. Extra Credit

  • Sleep Dealer Wed, Oct. 12 at 6:15 pm UC Anchor Ballroom
  • Kevin Conannon, Your Host
  • Go
  • Sign in
  • Write a one page reaction--half summary, half your reaction to film and discussion
  • Due the following Monday via email.

2. Questions? Answers?

3. Other "Straight to Audio" sites:

There are literally dozens of these.

4. Exile's Honor

  • What do you notice technique wise?
  • Point of view?
  • Exposition
  • Character development?
  • Other things?
  • Why doesn't the novel end with Sendar's death?
  • What purpose do the following serve:
    • Alberich's temporary role as the Queen's Own
    • The "Old Woman" spy interrupting the Queen at court
    • The rescue of the Tedrel children
    • The funeral procession
  • Why does Alberich, a foreigner, particpate in Selenay's coronation?
  • The very last scene . . . in the temple of the Lord of Light
    • The little boy?
    • The closing scene

5. Take out a sheet of paper.

  • One thing you have learned that was of value:
  • One thing you would like to learn more about
  • One thing you think we/I should definitely keep doing
  • One think you think we/I should stop doing or should modify in some way

Share results
Turn these in.

6. Workshop time:

  • Get into groups of two or three
  • This is non-threatening, simple response. Authors get practice reading to a real audience other than the cat. The cat gets a break. Audience reacts as readers. YOU ARE NOT EDITING OR CORRECTING at this point. You're reading rough drafty stuff.
  • No apologies or explanation! Your work stands on its own--or it doesn't.
  • Read what you've written (may need to limit it to one page, depending on time)

Audience respond in the following manner:

  • Praise--One VERY SPECIFIC thing you liked.
  • Question--What would you like to hear more of or to learn more about?
  • Wish--If the author were to continue this, I wish she would . . .

7. Next time:

  • Page count due by 5 pm on Friday
  • Weekly reflection due before class on Tue
  • Card, "Commerce, Trade and Law in Contemporary Fantasy."