English 5363

Digital Strategies Symposium

English 3301 Summer I 2018

English 3360 Summer I 2018

English 3303 Introduction to Writing Studies Spring 2018

ENGL 5369 Grant Writing Spring 2018

OER Workshop Chuck Thoughts

English 3303 Introduction to Writing Studies

Island Days Spring 2018

Bridging the Gap Workshop

Grant Writing Workshop for the Leadership Conference of the Black Chamber of Commerce

Authors Day Presentation

English 5369 Grant Writing (cross listed with PADM 5370)

GROW Grant Writing Workshop

Information on Non Tenure Track Faculty

English 4390 Writing Fantasy

Information on Non Tenure Track Faculty

English 5369 Daily Agenda Summer II 2016

Graduate Appreciation Week

Presentation for Dr. Pattison's English 2370 Class

AFP Info

English 3360 Spring 2016

PADM 5370 Spring 2016

A Touch of Class



Creative Writing Presentation

Authors Day Presentation

Grant Writing Workshop for i3 Program

Grant Writing Workshop for University of California Students

Presentation to Dr. Engelhardt's English 2370

A Touch of Class

Grant Writing Workshop for the Harte Research Institute

English 3301 Fall 2015

English 3360 MWF Fall 2015

English 3360 TTh Fall 2015

Engl 2335 Sum I 2015

Engl 3360 Sum I 2015

June 29 2013

July 1 2335

English 3301 Spring 2015

English 4321 Spring 2015

English 5369 Spring 2015

Guest talk in Linguistics

Graduate Appreciation Week Grant Writing Workshop

Individual Grant Writing Possibilities for 4321 and 5369

TPW Project Opportunities Page (Needs updating, but many of these organizations might potentially need a grant written)

English 3301 Fall 2014

English 4354 Fall 2014

English 5363 Fall 2014

English 3301 in Scotland

English 4397 in Scotland

English 2335 Summer I 2014

English 3360 Summer I 2014

English 2370 Spring 2014

English 3360 Spring 2014

English 3363H Spring 2014

English 2370

English 4345

Amusing Literary Quizzes


Criteria for Our Research Essay



Mid Term Review English 3360 Summer I 2013


Examples of Poetic Forms:


Stuff We Can Be Doing on the Last day of the Fiction Unit

Fiction Stuff

Template to Message or Email People about WM Grant

Grant to feed homeless kids:


Flier from class: Attach:grantflier.doc

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English 2335

English 4354

English 5365

English 3360 Summer 2012

English 5302


English 3360

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Sample Grant Sherry