Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. How are your stories going?

  • Troubles?
  • Trials?
  • Tribulations?
  • Tribbles?

3. James Joyce said the purpose of his fiction is "to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race."

4. Craft note: Showing vs. telling in fiction.

  • Note hints
  • Note the "camera" idea

5. Some calendaring notes:

  • We will spend the week of the 26-30 Workshopping.
  • This means your stories must be DONE by the 26th (A week from Monday).
  • How have you shared drafts in other classes?
    • We could:
      • Critique one brave soul front of the whole class, and then get into groups of 2-3
      • Have each student get critiqued by the whole class for 15 minutes once per semester.
      • Small groups meet w/me in and out of class time.
      • Other ideas?
  • Your stories will be read aloud
  • They will be critiqued
  • Final Version is Due 10-4

6. Card on plotting

  • Prelims--What happens and the Jia story

Whose story

  • Choosing the main character
  • Who hurts the most
  • Who has the power and freedom to actProtagonist
  • Darth Vader

Viewpoint character

  • Use of sidekicks
  • 1st person
  • Some guidelines on 74

Beginnings and endings

  • Beginning sets up the end 75-6


  • Milieu
    • When does it begin?
    • When does it end?
  • Information
    • When does it begin?
    • When does it end?
  • Character
    • When does it begin?
    • When does it end?
  • Event
    • When does it begin?
    • When does it end?
      • Tolkien example
      • In case you don't believe me about exposition
  • Surprise endings don't work 86

7. Pair share one page of material you haven't shared yet.

8. Next time:

  • Lackey Ch. 9-12.
    • Think of Alberich's tale as an Event Story (using Card's definition)