Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. A Publication You Should Read:

2. How is writing going?

  • Daily writing--is it different in some way?
  • Me--6 am story realizations

3. Reading Reflections

3. Exile's Honor

  • Reactions?
  • Technique wise, what did you notice?
  • Do this activity: Attach:EH9-12.doc
  • While that is being done, conduct a quick Genre Survey
  • Discuss results

4. Significant Workshop Time

  • Back in groups of three; if possible, get back with people you read with first.

As a reminder, here are the directions from last time:

  • Get into groups of two or three
  • This is non-threatening, simple response. Authors get practice reading to a real audience other than the cat. The cat gets a break. Audience reacts as readers. YOU ARE NOT EDITING OR CORRECTING at this point. You're reading rough drafty stuff.
  • No apologies or explanation! Your work stands on its own--or it doesn't.
  • Read what you've written (may need to limit it to one page, depending on time)

Audience respond in the following manner:

  • Praise--One VERY SPECIFIC thing you liked.
  • Question--What would you like to hear more of or to learn more about?
  • Wish--If the author were to continue this, I wish she would . . .

Remember, feedback is feedback. The purpose of this is to see how your reader reacts. You don't have to take all suggestions, but you should listen to them.

5. Next time(s):

  • Page count due by Friday at 5 pm.
  • Read Card "Writing Well"
  • Weekly reflection due prior to class on Tue.