Today's Daily Agenda

Prior to class:

1. Attendance

2. Peer Review plan

  • You are in a group on Blackboards based on the Genre Survey
  • You can find your BB group under the "Review Groups" tab.
  • Your story must be posted to BB by 8 am on Monday
  • Post your story in "Discussion Board" in "Peer Groups Story 1"
  • Create a thread with your name in it: “Slegathor’s Story One” or use the title and your name, as in “Too Profound to Live by Slegathor.”
  • You will print or download each story
  • You will read each story in advance (two for Tue, two for Thu)--we will decide who now--Forget not
  • You will be PRIMARY RESPONDENT for one story, and you will provide extensive marginal and in text notes for the other.
  • Primary response will be written prior to class; one copy will go to me, and one will be given to the author.
  • Your primary response will be submitted in the BB Assignments section in the "Your Primary Response" folder; your grade for your primary response will be reflected in your final story grade.
  • Here are:
  • You will read your story aloud to your group mates in class
  • We will spend literally all next week on this, or three full hours of class time. Real writers get response!

3. Exile's Honor

  • Reactions
  • What did you notice about craft?
  • Note how Point of View controls the story
  • Alberich's reaction
  • Selenay's reaction (note we are in her 'head' more than we have been before; what purpose does this serve?)
  • Myste
  • A battle scene without the battle?

4. Devorah

5. Next time: Peer review

  • Stories must be posted to BB by 8 am on Monday